Care of your Rabbit


Hot Weather

In hot weather remember to check that water bottles are flowing freely.  Make sure they are topped up regularly with cool, fresh water. Some rabbits will also appreciate something cool to lie against, such as:

bullet An ordinary house brick that has been in the fridge for a couple of hours
bullet A frozen bottle of water or
bullet A freezer block
bullet A bathroom tile that’s been in the fridge for a while

Move hutches and runs into a shady spot.

Maybe reduce the amount of bedding as certainly many of my rabbits in hot weather kick the sawdust out so they can lie on the bare wood.

Check and clean toilet corners regularly.  Flies will be attracted to them.

Make sure the rabbit is clean and dry, check round the eyes and round the bottom as any dampness could again attract flies.


Cold Weather Care

Rabbits do seem to cope with colder weather better than hot weather.  To help them cope with this cold winter even better a few hints.

bullet Position the hutch away from draughts
bullet If necessary put a bigger roof over the hutch to keep rain out, damp and rabbits do not mix!
bullet Give the rabbit more bedding.  Hay is a better insulator than straw, but straw is also a good bedding and rabbits are very partial to barley straw, so the extra food will also help keep them warm
bullet Remember to check the water bottle. If necessary have spare bottles so you can replace the frozen one immediately
bullet Keep the temperature constant.  It’s not a good idea to bring the rabbit into the house, get him all nice and warm and then return him to the cold garden.  Decide if the rabbit will be an indoor or outdoor rabbit for the colder months