Welcome to my Web site!


Welcome to my web site, primarily about rabbits but I am sure will also include more topics as time goes by!

I live in Marlow, Bucks with my husband and 2 labradors, and 30 lop rabbits.

Ellie after ‘helping’ with cleaning out the rabbits!

Even from childhood my dream was to breed rabbits, own a dog and get married. Well in about my mid-twenties all three ambitions were realised.  Along with the husband came our first dog, and not long after buying our first house came the first rabbit.

An introduction to the world of breeding rabbits for show followed some years later when a neighbour, a very keen rabbit exhibitor, kindly sourced a doe to keep our 2 bucks busy, who apparently were thumping so loudly at night they were keeping him awake.

Though these 2 rabbits were whites, it was the orange that had taken my heart and my first breeding pair of orange dwarf lops arrived.

Tyson, the buck became well known around the local shows, and also did well at bigger shows including the Bradford Championship.  Its taken some years to breed a line that I am happy with, but this year particularly all the hard work seems to be coming together with show success for Teddington, an orange dwarf lop and Cadbury, my chocolate dwarf lop. Whilst dwarf lops are my main breed I also breed minis in sable and smoke, and hope next year to have more than one showable mini in my shed.

Whilst over the years in the fancy many, many people have helped me a few are very special to me, including Jeanette Lee, Sue Dickenson, Todd Naragon, Christine Hillary and Steph Chambers, and of course my long suffering husband Trevor who has spent the last 16 years carrying straw, hay, food, shavings, down the garden in all sorts of weather. The biggest thank you to him.